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Co-created by Daniel Naddafy and Marty Langthorne for the Barbican


First Light opened at the Barbican in December 2021. Inspired by baby lab research into the expanding vision and hearing of children from birth until 18 months, this 15-minute installation distills the world of awakening perception into a unique installation. 


Housed in a purpose built frame, the installation is designed to be enjoyed by both babies and their grown ups. Real-life soundscapes harmonies and echo a newborn's hearing as hand dipped lights bulbs, neon and florescent lights flicker and pulse. The installation is available for touring. 

Bathe in sound and light with your baby as you explore the wonders of how their senses develop. Sit, lie down or stand while sharing this immersive, intimate experience.

First Light was created by Daniel Naddafy, Marty Langthorne. The installation was presented and co-commissioned by the Barbican and developed with support from Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts and, Half Moon Theatre. 

Program notes from the Barbican run can be found here.

First Light is due to tour the UK in Spring 2024 and then run at the Barbican again at Christmas. 

Photos By Holly Revell


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