A journey through sound and light.

This project is currently in development.

Baby Installation is a sound and light installation for babies aged 0-18 months, created by Daniel Naddafy and Marty Langthorne.

Based on the development of babies vision, and exploring how new borns first experience the world, the installation will fuse angular fluorescent lights, neon and hanging pendants lights with an ambient soundscape made up of recording sourced from all over the world. Experienced in a blacked-out frame, the installation will be an intimate journey for babies to experience alone with their carer and will last around 15 minutes.

In January 2021 Daniel worked with lighting designer and artist Marty Langthorne, developing the initial idea. The three week development was Hosted by Half Moon Theatre and supported by The Arts Council England. Below is some footage from the R&D.


For more information about the project or if you would like to be involved please contact:

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