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A Sensory Book


Out Of The Box is a series of cards to encourage children and carers to discover sensory objects which make them curious or bring them pleasure. It has been designed to be used by both child and carer together. These instructions are just a guideline for how to use Out Of The Box, it can be used in any way you wish. 

Take a card.

Feel and look at the image.

Read the provocation on the back.

Listen to the music by scanning the QR code.

Support and encourage your childs response

Commissioned by Playground and co-created by Daniel Naddafy, Nicola Flower and Jeremy Harrison. Out Of The Box is offered for free to every baby in Kent at registration.

"We had a good dance to the Move song, we loved how the cards are shaped and instigated our movement."  - Parent 

"We loved peering through the holes in the cards and my baby was really drawn to the golden touch card. The music is beautiful and we found the whole experience really transportative and bonded while being playful together." - Parent

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